About me

Helen Gibbs Holistic Counselling Services

As a sensitive, intuitive, caring and non-judgemental therapist I aim to provide a safe, trusting and comforting space within which you can talk in confidence and be free to explore any issues that you care to bring to the session.

I am passionate about helping people and am able to build a rapport quickly and easily with my clients. Working in a holistic way I take the whole person into account – this includes the psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.  I believe that an holistic approach is the best way of addressing problems, big and small and that many of our physical problems have their roots in emotional issues.

I work from home in the Liss countryside and a local GP surgery in Petersfield. Whatever is troubling you, between us we will structure the sessions to suit your individual needs and requirements.   I combine counselling, walk and talk, Reiki, tapping and Kinesiology in my practise as and when required.

I am interested in the trait of High sensitivity.  Dr Elaine Aron has written much about the Highly Sensitive Person and, as one myself, am keen to help others to learn about and understand their innate trait.  Read the relevant section for more information if you feel that you are ‘overly’ sensitive.

Helen introduced me to the Highly Sensitive Person and it was one of those light bulb moments – I could at last understand why I’d felt and acted the way I did since childhood. I’d always felt different somehow – but what a relief to discover there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m ‘just’ highly sensitive.

Helen’s key skill is combining different therapy techniques. So as well as the talking therapy, she introduced me to energy work. And after several sessions of this I’ve learned to listen to my body and how rebalancing energy levels and re-energising my body can have a dramatic effect on both my physical and mental well-being.

My journey of personal discovery hasn’t been straightforward, but Helen’s helped me find my way. She’s given me the tools and techniques to help me cope with everything daily life throws at me. And importantly to start living again! Helen is caring, non-judgemental and extremely skilled in what she does.  I can’t thank her or recommend her enough.    Paul, Petersfield. 

I have a background working in Mental Health and complementary therapies which began when I initially trained in Massage.  Other qualifications followed which then led to training in Counselling as I discovered that my clients found it easy to open up to me.  With an original background in the engineering industry which at times had its stressful moments; reaching deadlines, last minute changes, difficult work colleagues and managers, threat of redundancy etc, I am aware of the stresses and strains of business and how challenging it can be.  These experiences, along with my many life experiences, inform my work to assist you on your journey.

To find out how I can help you get in touch today on 07503 461838 or use the contact page to leave a message.