Here are a small selection of testimonials from previous clients.

My journey through life so far had been eventful, hectic, sorrowful, blissful but tinged with sadness and regret which left me lost, mechanical, unassuming, repressed and doubtful.  After meeting Helen I feel as if my journey has not come to a stale end but turned a corner into an exciting, creative, colourful forest full of undiscovered potential and adventure.  Helen has guided me through ways to unlock this new beginning, enabling me to have the confidence to use my creativity, my own voice and let go f many things that have sat heavily on my conscience for many years.  I feel very lucky to have had this chance.  Michelle

Having been given some coping strategies I am now able to move forward.  It has made a huge difference to the way I look at life and deal with situations.  L. Petersfield

The sessions have been hugely helpful and helped me gain my inner strength and courage to continue in building my confidence.  JF.

Helen made me feel I was a “normal Person” again and helped me to begin living my life again. Sue, Clanfield

Helen used a lot of different techniques and has provided me with the tools that I need to help myself.  It’s been a very hard journey but Helen has really helped me deal with a lot of issues. Thank you so much. Nick, Clanfield

I found my sessions with Helen very helpful and she gave me a lot of support in helping me come to terms with my situation and ideas how to cope in the future. Anon

Helen provided the perfect balance of therapies to address all my different issues, cognitive, psychological and physical. She is a caring compassionate highly experienced individual with a deep understanding of the link between mental and physical.  Helen has taught me a number of techniques as an aftercare to use in everyday life at those times when I may start to struggle again physically mentally and energetically. I would highly recommend her to anyone.  J from Petersfield