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We often take our senses for granted until the day comes when suddenly they’re not operating as they should, don’t we? Have you ever suddenly noticed that your ears are incredibly blocked and wondered where your sense of balance has gone? It can be very annoying, can’t it?

Some people are more prone to serious earwax buildup than others but remember that having too much wax won’t necessarily mean that you end up with a blockage.

In fact, much of the time people find themselves with blocked ears because they’ve tried to remove it themselves and have ended up pushing the wax further into their ears. You might also find that you’re prone to ear wax blockages if you use headphones a lot as these can prevent wax from coming out of your ears naturally.

So what can be done? Seeing an ear candling therapist could be a great way of resolving the issue if you feel as though it’s happening a lot and affecting your quality of life.


What is ear candling?

You may hear ear candling referred to as thermo-auricular therapy, a treatment that originates from the Hopi Indians of the US. This is a safe and natural procedure that can treat issues with the ear, nose and throat, using a lit candle to help draw wax and other impurities out of the ear.

Always make sure that your practitioner uses traditional Biosun ear candles as these are the only ones that are acceptable to insurance companies and come with a safety filter, as well as being made out of natural ingredients like cotton, honey extract, beeswax, chamomile and sage.