Energy Re-balancing

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, worn out, anxious?

Do you need to unwind and find some calm in your life? Maybe you need a quiet lull from the intensity of your day to day life, allowing your mind to settle. Do you like the idea of Natural Healing rather than rely on OTC or even prescribed drugs? If so then Healing Touch may be for you.

Relaxation is important to prevent the build up of mental and emotional stresses caused by work, lifestyle and the choices we make daily. Our thoughts affect our feelings and our behaviour and can become a negative, vicious cycle, or we can use it to change how we feel. Part of changing your behaviour might be to have some healing thus changing how you feel and think about yourself.

Life feel like this
Life feel a bit like this?. . . . . .
. . . . . And wish it looked more like this?
. . . . . And wish it looked more like this?

Natural Healing Touch

Touch is one of the oldest forms of healing. Cave paintings found in China around 15000 BC show massage healing techniques in use before the development of known civilisation.  3000BC the Chinese formulated the acupressure system of traditional Chinese Medicine and around 1800 BC the first written references to Touch Therapies appear in Indian texts.  Therefore it makes sense to have more of it in our lives!

I utilise the healing power of touch in addition to Reiki, Touch for Health Kinesiology, including acupressure, and Tapping. I can help you to relax from the day to day stresses you may be feeling and Natural Healing can help.  I do not actually heal you but am facilitating your body’s natural healing abilities, something we all have within us.

Did you know?

The ancient Greeks believed that the physical body was intrinsically linked with the mind, the emotions and even the personality. Our use of the word ‘melancholy’ stems from the Greek notion that depression was caused by black bile, or melankholia.

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£65 for 1 hour. Cards accepted.

£180.00 for 3 sessions paid up front and non refundable.