Highly Sensitive

Do you feel really sensitive? Maybe you have been told that you are too sensitive? You may have arrived here because you think you may need a counsellor to help you understand and manage your sensitive nature


  • Do you suffer with anxiety and mood swings/low mood/panic, low confidence and tiredness?
  • Been told that you’re too sensitive, overly sensitive.
  • Do you cry easily and not always understand why.
  • Do you feel unwell a lot of the time; even more so when tired but not have any real physical problems.
  • Do you have a low tolerance to pain, light, noise, smells and crowds?
  • Do you feel your emotions strongly, startle easily, are distressed by the news and struggle to explain yourself clearly.
  • Are you more prone to ‘burnout’ as you are always trying to prove yourself in some way – maybe have low self esteem?
  • Do you have a tendency to feel overwhelmed and need to isolate yourself to avoid over stimulation?
  • Are you creative?

If so, then you may have the innate trait of High Sensitivity, or sensory processing sensitivity and may well benefit from seeing a counsellor, who is also a Highly Sensitive. 15 – 20% of the population are highly sensitive (too many to be classed as a disorder). They have a more sensitive nervous system and process things differently, hence struggling with many of the above. Our finely tuned nervous system means that we are more aware of subtleties; we process information and reflect more deeply and can feel burdened by others emotions. We tend to ask more questions because we have a need to understand on a level that others perhaps don’t seem bothered by. A scientific study has shown that highly sensitives pick up, in one way or another, 10 times the amount that the rest of population is aware of. Phew, that’s tiring!

Highly Sensitives tend to feel overwhelmed and drained to the point that they need to take themselves off to re-charge their batteries. Maybe this has happened to you but you have had no idea why; you just know that you don’t feel “normal” at times – different to everyone else around you. Allow me to let you into a secret. You are normal – if there is a normal of course!

Our culture sees sensitivity as a weakness; however there are strengths with this trait. For example: they will be very creative, highly empathic and very intuitive, are a good listener, love animals and nature and be easily moved by music and the arts.

Counsellor specialising in the Highly sensitive person

If you are struggling with any of the above, as a highly sensitive person myself, I can help you to find ways of coping with the overwhelming feelings you may be experiencing by using a mixture of talking therapy and energy work.  Both being equally useful in understanding and managing your sensitivity.

The Highly Sensitive Person is the name given by Dr Elaine Aron who began researching the innate temperament trait of High Sensitivity in 1991.  For more information see her website www.hsperson.com